Difusão Um canal de TV operando 24 horas por dia e uma grande diversidade de iniciativas nos diferentes níveis educacionais, desde a pré-escola até a faixa adulta

Ciência no rádio

Using a cooperation between the University Radio and the Center, a large number of programs were produced and broadcast for Brazil and mostly recently to Portugal as well. Those radio programs cover important discover, interview with eminent scientists, details on the science efforts to overcome social problems, and many others. The short time programs are on the air 6 times a day. A total of 363 programs were produced under the guidance of Kleber Chicrala. The radio covers more than 50 cities on the region of s. Carlos. We have estimated that more than 700.000 persons has already listened to the educative programs broadcasted. Educating and disseminating science through radio waves has been a great success on the CEPOF activities.