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A.R. Fritsch, P.E.S. Tavares, F.A.J. Vivanco, G.D. Telles, V.S. Bagnato, and E.A.L. Henn - Thermodynamic measurement of the sound velocity of a Bose gas across the transition to Bose–Einstein condensation, J. Stat. Mech. 18, 053108 (2018). DOI: 10.1088/1742-5468/aabbcf

R. Roy, A. Gammal, M. C. Tsatsos, B. Chatterjee, B. Chakrabarti, and A. U. J. Lode - Phases, many-body entropy measures, and coherence of interacting bosons in optical lattices, Phys. Rev. A 97, 043625 (2018). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.97.043625

A.U. Lode, F.S. Diorico, R. Wu, P. Molignini, L. Papariello, R. Lin, C. Leveque,  L. Exl, M.C. Tsatsos, R. Chitra, & N.J. Mauser - Many-body physics in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates in a cavity: fragmented superradiance and polarization, accepted for publication on  New J. Phys. (2018). DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/aabc3a